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R.K. Estates is probably among the very few professional building firms, completely specialized in catering to individuals, group of customers who need exclusive attention and professional assistance. Having been pioneers and now leaders we have successfully completed numerous projects in this niche segment with over 300 large & medium scale projects mostly Independent Houses and Group Housing projects including apartments. We are today confident to say that we have learned the art of customized Housing.

RK Estates is not only among the fastest growing firms in the construction sector but also has a presence in sectors like residential & commercial real estate, interiors, industrial constructions and specialized Civil Construction for people centric industries. RK Estates has successfully built up a strong reputation of reliability combined with economy and efficiency of works while executing important infrastructure projects in India as a major sub-contractor for the Infra giants. All this was accomplished by combining their experience, engineering, knowledge and innovative skills.

Today RK Estates is proud to state that they are one of the leading service providers of housing and infrastructure. Our greatest assets are the latest construction system which enables us to take up complex projects. Our repository of construction equipment enables quick mobilization to any site across India.

Creating The Future With Visionary Approach

Unleashing Opportunities, Shaping Tomorrow.

The skill sets of our employees give Us the flexibility to adapt to the needs of our clients and the technical requirements of the various projects that we undertake. The promoters have knowledge and experience in the focus sectors and are actively involved in day to day operations. The experience gathered over the years by our management team enables taking quick decisions thereby ensuring that projects are ended within the contracted timelines. Therefore proving our quality and efficiency among the competitors.

We have ownership of critical high end and modern construction equipment such as crushers, excavators, cranes, batching plants, pavers, etc. Ownership of such high end equipment enables quick mobilization besides ensuring continuous availability of critical equipment. This model of owning equipment gives us a cutting edge over competition

Our aim is to have a balanced portfolio of business with revenue predictability, profitability and quality of contracts as the key determinants.

Managing Director’s message

Mr. Jaiprakash Bahirwani - Managing Director

RK Estates boasts of a proven track record of our contribution to the housing and infrastructure industry. Through sustained efforts of our personnel, modern construction equipment and machinery, we continue to excel ourselves with a commitment to quality, performance and most important, achieving total client satisfaction. We are working towards consolidating ourselves on a strong platform to contribute significantly in the housing and infrastructure revolution being envisaged in the country.

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